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It’s 2021, and everyone wants fast internet. Nothing is more frustrating than a slow connection when you want to send an important email, check out some news, or do any internet-related activity. If you have been struggling with a slow internet connection, it’s time to upgrade to WiFi 6.

WiFi 6 is the new generation of WiFi technology. Over two times faster than WiFi 5, WiFi 6 guarantees a stable internet connection even when connected to many devices.

Let’s dive deeper into the specs and look at how WiFi 6 is set to make all of our internet problems go away.

What is WiFi 6

WiFi 6 (802.11ax) is the most recent WiFi technology standard intended to enhance wireless network speed and reliability. It is particularly valuable in places where numerous devices connect to the same network, including smart offices, homes, and public areas.

How WiFi 6 Differs from WiFi 5

WiFi 6 comes with faster speeds, enhanced network efficiency, lower latency, and a more extensive bandwidth than WiFi 5. Therefore, you can connect more devices and get better performance. Deloitte’s study reveals that an average home in the United States has eleven devices connected to the internet. This new WiFi standard aims to allow users to connect more devices without slowing down.

Additionally, WiFi 6 has Target Wake Time (TWT) technology, allowing the router to awaken devices when there is a need to receive or send data. Therefore, it increases the battery life of your smart home devices.

WiFi 6 Speed

With a theoretical maximum speed of 9.6 Gbps, WiFi 6 is over two times faster than WiFi 5’s 3.5 Gbps. Although you might never achieve such a speed in reality, at least you can split it up across the devices, meaning they will all be faster. Thanks to the OFDMA technology, which allows simultaneous delivery of data to numerous devices, WiFi 6 is faster than previous standards.

The Value in WiFi 6

Since it is a new technology, you can expect it to be expensive. Besides, you will have to upgrade your router if it is over three years old. However, with WiFi 6 you will reap the benefits of being able to use numerous devices on your network at once. 

Backward Compatibility

This new standard allows backward compatibility, meaning the previous version can connect to the network. In other words, you can connect WiFi 6 devices such as laptops and smartphones to WiFi 5 or even WiFi 4 routers. Therefore, when you get a WiFi 6 router, you won’t have to upgrade your devices. It also means it won’t be mandatory to buy new devices that support WiFi 6 when you upgrade your router, making the transition to WiFi 6 smooth and seamless.

New Router Requirement

You need to have a new router that supports WiFi 6 since older routers do not have the hardware components that power the new WiFi standard. You can find WiFi 6 routers from companies such as Asus, TP-link, and Linksys at the cost of $100 to $400 and above.

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