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Google has made some big strides in the tech world. They are always innovating and trying new things, but sometimes they can be limiting. One of those limitations is storage space on Google Drive. With only 15GB of free storage, it’s not easy to keep up with all your files you need to store or back-up without being forced to delete something else off your account. But don’t worry! We have compiled a few tricks for you that will help you stay under the limit so you can continue using Google as much as possible!

1. Deleting Old Emails

One of the easiest ways to save space is by deleting old emails. The rule of thumb with Google Drive storage limits, is that anything older than 30 days will be deleted from your account automatically. But you can get around this and keep those files if you act fast! Login into Gmail and go to Settings > Inbox tab. There should be an option called ‘Keep emails for’ where you can change the number of days your email will stay in your account.

2. Delete Files in Your Drive

Another way to save space is by deleting files from your drive. One of the most common ways people forget about this feature is when they share a file in Google Drive. When they remove the person from their shared list, that doesn’t delete it off of your account. So if you don’t need them, delete them.

3. Delete Old Photos

One of the best ways to delete old photos is by using a photo syncing app like OneDrive. You can use this for storing all your photos and never have to delete them from your account. You will be able to save space by storing all the pictures you want in OneDrive, and then deleting them from your phone. Getting rid of old photos you don’t care about will help save you space.

4. Do a Duplicate Search

Doing a duplicate search can help you save space by searching for the same information in Google Drive. There will be an option to ‘keep both’ or delete one. This is your opportunity to delete the older search and keep only the newest, most updated version.

5. Empty Trash Can

One of the easiest ways to free up space is by emptying your Trash Can. This will not delete anything from your account, but it will remove any files you have deleted and haven’t emptied from your trash can.

The Bottom Line:

– Google Drive only offers up to 15GB of free storage, so make the most of it!

– The easiest way to save space is by deleting old emails and files in your Drive.

– Delete old photos using a photo syncing app like OneDrive, or do duplicate searches.

– There are a few tricks to staying under the 15GB limit, but don’t worry! Google is always innovating.

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