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Frankie OnCall’s Computer Repair Services to the rescue!

As creatures of habit, we often get stuck in keeping our old stuff. It’s particularly easy to hang on to old technology and computer software, especially when we’re comfortable with the way it works.

The main problem with outdated technology is that it opens you up to a world of security risks. If you’re a habitual ‘remind me later’ clicker when your computer suggests updates, you’re playing a dangerous game that can also be incredibly inconvenient. Worst-case scenario, your computer gets a virus that requires either serious repairs or replacement; even the best-case scenario means big companies that you rely on for daily essential like internet browsing can leave you in the dust.

Mozilla Firefox recently made the decision to stop supporting some older versions of the Windows operating system, Windows XP and Vista.  This move is really a favor to users with old operating systems because they are missing out on the efficiency and functionality of more up-to-date software versions, and it also allows major companies like this to continue advancing their technology instead of staying stuck in the past. According to a recent ComputerWorld article, Firefox was expending so much effort on keeping the web browser operable for users with outdated operating systems that they were unable to advance in other, more beneficial areas.

So, do yourself and favor and accept that update reminder the next time it pops up, or you may be too late. At least if that does happen, you know who to call.   Learn more about our on site computer repair services.