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SMART LOCKS / Access control

Keyless Entry for Trusted Individuals

The SMART STP wireless door locking solution represents the next evolution in access control and management. By harnessing the technological power of the Internet of Things, pdqSMART brings smart locking devices together with simple and easy to use mobile applications and the unlimited power of cloud computing.

The STP replaces your current deadbolt lock with a smart deadbolt with a built-in keypad.  Use and assign PIN access codes,  or use a mobile phone or smart watch to unlock. You can even still use a traditional key if needed.


  • Mobile phone, PIN & remote fob options
  • 100 users, each with unique code
  • Scheduled access options, provide immediate access to new user 
  • Audit trail with up to 1 year history
  • Two factor authentication capable
  • Multiple lock designs and form factors, not just a deadbolt
  • Powered by 4 ea. AA alkaline batteries that are easy to access and change
  • Integration with other “Smart” devices like Alexa, Google Home, Nest cameras


  • Ease of entry into your home or business
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Easy to add and delete users
  • Easy to retro-fit and install
  • Enhances security by providing a log of events of when people gained access
  • Low maintenance/Easy battery change
  • Allows Master Keying/key into existing key system
  • Built upon a commercial grade technology platform for cyber security
  • Scalable, to grow with your business
  • Assembled in USA


Perfect for:



Rental Properties

Latchkey kids


Daycare Centers

Co-work Space


Office Buildings

Volunteer Centers

Our church has two rooms we allow the parishioners to use for their various meetings and get togethers. The Pastor isn’t always onsite to let people in and our secretary only works part time. We put pdqSMART on our exit doors and just let the parishioners use their phones to get in when they need to.”

I wanted a better lock for my Airbnb. The stores just didn’t have what I wanted. My local locksmith suggested a pdqSMART Deadbolt and a bridge. Now I can manage my property from wherever I am at, even when I am out of the country.

I manage the equipment for our Little League. Every Saturday during the season I had to be at the ball fields at 6:00 am to unlock the equipment buildings. Now I just give the coaches access through their mobile phones and sleep in. At the end of the season I just disable them.

Frankie OnCall has partnered with PDQ Locks to bring smart lock technology to Kansas City.  For residential, multi-tenant and commercial buildings; wherever there is a need to manage access.

Call Frankie for a free on-site visit. We sell, install and service these smart locks backed by PDQ’s 35 years in the industry.



Installing in 30 minutes or less, PDQ SMART™ eliminates mechanical keys and other hardwired devices by turning your smart devices into keys. It easily retrofits into most facilities and is controlled by an intuitive, user-friendly app and web-based portal.


PDQ SMART™ uses NSA-level encryptions, a protected in the cloud portal and PDQ’s world-class line of commercial locks and exit devices. It eliminates the need to manage and track physical keys.


Designed to grow with your needs, PDQ SMART™ is able to accommodate a range of facilities – from single door offices to multi-location setups such as rental properties, adding new locks in seconds.


The power of PDQ SMART™ comes in its cloud-hosted technology, allowing the management and monitoring of a facility’s access points from anywhere at anytime. A robust suite of features, such as lock audit trails, user management and remote unlocking, creates a complete, innovative solution.

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