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In June, Microsoft finally came forward and formally validated the rumor that had been a buzz: Windows 11. For sure, as Microsoft calls it, a “next-generation operating system,” it debuts some new amazing features that significantly improve the now 6-year-old predecessor, Windows 10. The notable ones include improved performance, an updated user interface, and several enhancements to increase productivity. Below, we’ve gathered a list of the 7 best features debuting in Windows 11.

1. Start Menu and Desktop

The first thing you notice once Windows 11 starts are the changes to the start menu and desktop as a whole. By default, the start menu sits at the center of the screen (those fond of the left or right alignment can still do that under personalization). It contains pinned apps and a recommendation section that includes documents, apps, or file suggestions depending on the usage history. It has also got a search right at the top. The Desktop action center has also been split into two – to give you separate quick settings and notification areas. Also, expect to see the reintroduction of a widgets menu to quickly show you the weather, traffic patterns, to-do-list and much more.

2. File Explorer

Microsoft knows how navigating files and folders easily is vital. Therefore, it’s ditching the top ribbon, favoring a quick action button instead. The new file explorer also got an updated right-click menu and new icons to differentiate folders and files easily.

3. UI Improvements

One won’t fail to quickly recognize the new system-wide restructured and improved UI changes that the Redmond giants have introduced in Windows 11. These include rounded corners and a bunch of incredible animations.

4. Multitasking

In the era of remote working, multitasking is at the core of productivity. Microsoft is introducing snap assist, streamlining navigation of apps. You’ll now be able to get a predetermined layout (arranged with multiple apps) whenever you hover on the maximize button(astoundingly, Windows 11 can remember this arrangement). Other noticeable improvements include the ability to maximize/minimize the apps as a group and see/interact with all virtual desktops at a go when you hover over the task view button.

5. Personalization

We all have different tastes and likes. Windows 11 comes with added features to enable you to personalize your OS to yours. These include dark mode options, new themes, and on-screen touch keyboard customizations.

6. Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store has been modernized to blend flawlessly with the Windows UI. Notable changes are the centered search bar, left-sided categories menu, revamped app description layout, and more apps.

7. Android App Support

You understand the stress you had to go through heaven-promising third-party programs to run any android app on your PC. Luckily, that is all gone with Microsoft bringing android app support powered by the Amazon store to Windows 11.

The Upshot

The new Windows 11 is not just another update that we were used to with Windows 10. It completely changes how we know and use our PCs. While the official rollout will be in 2022 for current Windows 10 users, you can try the new OS by joining the Windows Insider program.

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