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Video Doorbells protect your home

Porch pirates are an unfortunate reality in an age where nearly 80% of American consumers shop online. Some people are lucky enough to have a more secure place to send packages, like a workplace or P.O. box they can order to. The rest of us have to constantly be on the lookout. Video doorbells give us that peace of mind we’re seeking.

This time of year is particularly risky with so many shoppers ordering boxes and boxes of Christmas gifts online. I’m already seeing posts on NextDoor and hearing from my clients that the porch pirates have been hitting many Kansas City neighborhoods. Before you fill up your Amazon cart again, I would strongly recommend investing in an early Christmas gift to yourself.  Install a video doorbell to better protect your online purchases.

Options to consider

The most popular options for this particular type of smart home security technology are the Ring and the Nest Hello video doorbells. So how do you choose? Both devices are similarly sized, and both have similar fields of view, connectivity and intuitive, user-friendly apps. There are, however, a few major differences that set them apart.

The Ring is available in multiple editions and therefore has more price options for different budgets, between $99 and $249.  The Nest Hello comes in one standard style for a standard price of $229. Two version of the Ring are also battery-powered, which tends to be easier for installation. The Ring Pro and the Nest Hello both require a wired setup to function. The wired versions do have better video quality though, and since Frankie OnCall can easily install them for you, so there’s no need to shy away from that option. The real tie-breaker in this race is for my fellow smart home junkies who already own other smart home gadgets like a Google Home, Nest Secure Alarm System or Nest smart thermostat. The Nest Hello far exceeds the Ring in its ability to integrate with other smart home devices and platforms. But, for anyone whose first foray into smart home technology is a video doorbell, a Ring may just be the simple, more affordable option you need to get started.

Bandwidth is key!

An important factor to consider is bandwidth, as these products need your wifi or wired network. This is the same network on which you are streaming videos, playing games or running your home business. Without sufficient bandwidth, your images will not be of a quality that allows you to identify the porch pirate, and may not function at crucial times. Having good video helps police to track these guys down.  Call me today to recommend the best product to meet your needs. I’ll assess the bandwidth of the product you choose.  Purchase on your own or through me. I will install, integrate with your network and show you how to monitor your front porch while you’re away.