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Has your computer been misbehaving recently? From frequent crashes and pop-up windows to slow performance in your computer, this may be a sign that a virus has infected your computer.

There are several kinds of computer viruses, and all can cause problems. This article explains what a computer virus is and what it does to your device. Read on to learn how you can detect these viruses and prevent them from attacking your computer.

What is a Computer Virus?

computer virus is a type of malicious software that can spread between computers and has the potential to cause damaging effects to the system.
The different kinds of computer viruses include:

  • Boot Sector Virus

This virus spreads via removable devices such as USB drives and affects the file required to boot your computer.

  • Resident Virus

This virus installs into your computer memory, and even when you remove the initially-infect program, it can still infect other programs or files.

  • Macro Virus

This virus usually attaches in email attachments and begins operations when you open the document.

  • Direct Action Virus

This virus embeds itself into a file and remains in a dormant state until you execute or open the file.

  • Polymorphic Virus

This kind of virus is difficult to detect and eliminate since it changes its code every time it runs, thus evading antivirus programs.

What a Computer Virus Does

Viruses can get into your computer when you download infected files, visit malicious sites or click suspicious links. After that, the virus spreads to your programs, other computers sharing the network, or other users.

A computer virus rides along as a legitimate document or program and reproduces itself to infect other users and programs. Cybercriminals can use viruses to track your moves and steal personal information. After infecting a computer, the virus can cause damage to the OS, RAM, hard drives, software drivers, files, data and more.

Detecting a Computer Virus

An attack by a computer virus causes your computer to misbehave in certain ways. You might begin to notice unusual slow performance, random pop-up windows, warnings, frequent crashes and password changes. You might also receive mass emails on your email account.

However, the computer virus can run in the background without showing any symptoms, and by the time you detect it, the malicious software will have immensely damaged your computer.

Preventing a Computer Virus

You can cushion your computer from viruses by installing antivirus software, updating your OS, and securing your WiFi network. Also, you should not click suspicious links or open emails if you don’t know the sender.

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