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It’s the 21st century, the golden era of technology, and our devices are how we communicate with the world today. However, accidents do occur, and you might spill liquid on your device or drop it in the liquid. In fact, liquid damage is one of the main reasons customers bring their devices for repair.

Don’t worry though, while liquids can easily ruin your device, you can prevent most, if not all, harm when your device gets wet if you follow the proper steps.

So, if water damage is not as bad as it sounds, what do I do to save my device? Here are simple steps you can follow to fix your device when you spill liquid on it:  

Unplug the Device

Unplug your device immediately after the liquid spills it. Water and electricity don’t mix well, and unplugging your device halts any electricity from flowing into it, preventing further damage. This also helps reduce the risk of any electric shorts.

Remove the battery

Once you’ve safely unplugged your device, your next step should be to remove the battery if it features a removable one. This helps run the fluid out of the device.

Dry the Device

Wipe off any visible water/liquid with a piece of clothing first before cleaning with alcohol on a cotton swab. Don’t use hair dryers to dry the device. Using a hairdryer could damage the solder, which would result in an increase in electrical resistance in the device.

Call IT

Don’t power on the device immediately “to see if it’s still working.” Instead, let it rest for at least 24 hours before turning it on. If, at this point, your device still cannot operate properly, we suggest you bring it down to us at Frankie on Call and let the experts inspect and repair your device.  

If the device in question is a desktop computer or a laptop, you can bring it down to us at Frankie on Call for inspection. We’ll take it apart and ensure everything is dry as possible. If the liquid damages something in the device, we’ll replace the component that got fried.  

Contact us today, and our team of experienced technicians will work with you to fix your device properly.