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Why you need to upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. What does this mean?  Microsoft will no longer release security patches and updates, which leaves your computer vulnerable.

In addition, developers have moved on to the new platform and many applications no longer work with Windows 7. As new products such as printers hit the market, they will not work with the old operating system.


Windows 7 will open your computer to vulnerabilities


Windows 7 is built on (now) old technology, subject to vulnerabilities. People can easily get into your computer, see what you doing and access your personal information.

To keep your computer safe from these threats, you need to upgrade your PC to Windows 10. And you need to do it soon.  We’ve provided a link to Microsoft’s website where you can download the latest Windows 10 operating systems.  We’ve put a link on our homepage, too.


Is Windows 10 really better than Windows 7?


There is current debate on the subject, but it appears to be more centered on compatibility with other software used by businesses, small and large.  As Microsoft rolls out support for new peripheral devices, this issue will fade away.

Digital Trends did a great write-up last month on the debate.

Bottom line for most consumers, however, is the security of your data inside our computer.  Microsoft will continue its strong support of security patches for Windows 10.

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