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If you have ever had a friend or family member fall ill to the point of needing round-the-clock in-home care, you know that there is more than enough on everyone’s mind. Insurance hoops to jump through, medical costs piling up and questions about the future are just the beginning, but one thing that shouldn’t be on that list is concern about who has access to the home. Don’t leave that up to chance – get a smart lock.

With a smart lock system, such as the superior line of products from my partner PDQ Smart Locks, you can create unique codes for different people and monitor how and when codes are used. For instance, you can assign one code to the daytime caretaker and a different code for the night shift. If either of the codes are used outside of normal hours, you know that someone is either sharing information they shouldn’t or accessing the home when they shouldn’t, and you can address it or remove their access.

In addition to creating codes for in-home care providers, you can provide codes to other friends or family members who would like to visit when you’re not there to supervise. If you’re concerned about giving code access to that many people and keeping track of them all, you can also control the lock from an app on your phone and allow visitors to enter that way with your permission. This allows your loved one to enjoy visitors and gives you a break, as well as peace of mind.

If you have any questions about our smart lock installation services or the different products available through PDQ, contact us at FrankieOnCall – we’ll take care of you.

The SMART stp is perfect for:

  • Office/Co-working spaces
  • Warehouses/distribution centers
  • Daycare/volunteer centers
  • Retail spaces
  • Multi-tenant rental properties
  • Assisted living centers
  • Airbnb
  • Vacation homes
  • Many, many more

The Lock

You have the choice of cylindrical, deadbolt, mortise or exit device. These all utilize standard door preps, making retrofitting from your existing lock a breeze. Aesthetically pleasing, you also have choices in the form factor, handles and finishes.

User Access

Give access to up to 100 users, each with their own unique PIN or mobile phone code. And yes, you can still use a key!


You decide, by user, what type of access to grant:  24/7 access, a defined number of events, or scheduled access. Supports two-factor authentication.  Get an audit trail or who’s accessed the space and when.  Access records are kept within the app (25 events) or in the cloud for 1 year. Event filtering and report export is standard.  Remote unlocking capability is available with additional network equipment and can be added seamlessly at any time. Think about all those times someone was locked out of the office, home or Airbnb. You had to go to where they were, with a key.  Time wasted for all involved!  Thus, remote unlocking.  Through the power of the SMART access controls and your smartphone–you can grant immediate access–even if you’re in the stands watching the Chiefs!

Want to learn more?

Does this make sense for your facility?  Not sure?  Give me a call for more information or detailed specification of the products available and best suited for your needs.

I said at the outset this was the start of a great relationship with the team at PDQ Manufacturing.  Frankie OnCall is proud to provide the PDQ products; backed by their 30-year industry experience and warranty.  We install the lock, configure initial access with you and show you how to manage your new access control system. And as always, I guarantee your satisfaction with my service.

I hope this helped to inform you a bit more on this exciting line of products and I’ll bet you’re beginning to think of how you could benefit from smart locks with access controls.  Give me a call, hit up my contact page or send me an email; I’ll come to your site and give you an honest assessment of the best application for your situation.